Meet Our Community of Healing Artists

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Elizabeth Ruff, Certified Advanced Soma Practitioner, E-RYT 500, LMT

Structural Integration Bodywork, Functional Yoga & Ayurveda

Elizabeth focuses on a practice that helps people experience long lasting relief from pain and greater joy in life. She offers Soma Structural Integration which is an intense 11-session series of hands on bodywork that makes use of fascia manipulation and movement to train your body to become balanced & limber. In addition, you can book a 2hr session that will combine movement and bodywork to help you transcend dysfunctions that may be holding you back in CrossFit, Running, Mountain Biking or just moving through life with grace. Additionally, Elizabeth has been a  yoga instructor since 2002, a yoga retreat leader, and founder of the SomaYoga Teacher Training. She presently leads classes via livestream through her platform:

 Reach out, and find your line of grace!

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Susanna Alongi, LMT

Wild Heart Birth & Bodywork

Clinical Visceral Bodywork, Orthopedic Massage & Doula Services

As a Licensed Massage Practitioner for over half of her lifetime, Susanna works in the expansive, energy moving, field for healing her client's physical and energetic bodies. As a Clinical Visceral Therapist, she has a passion for creating movement, fluidity and to promote healing in abdominal organs, hips, pelvis and spine. She has a passion for birth work, and also serves as a Doula and Midwifery assistant in the community of Bellingham, WA.

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Lindsay Worley, LMT, SOMA Practitioner

Soma Structural Integration & Massage Therapist

I have been practicing bodywork since 2013. As my practice has evolved I have served a wide range of clients with different backgrounds, needs and goals for bodywork. My sessions range from helping people get out of pain and shifting chronic pain patterns, to facilitating a deeper connection in body-mind-spirit and felt sense awareness, to promoting structural balance for more easeful posture and movement, to helping folks unwind from a stressful week at work. Whatever your goals for bodywork, I aim to meet you where you are and seek to understand how I can best support you in your journey. Through my practice I hope to contribute to a kinder, more compassionate, more embodied world.

I offer Soma Neuromuscular Integration as part of an 11-session series, ongoing treatment or maintenance sessions, and/or as stand-alone sessions designed to facilitate greater structural balance and easeful movement. This is also potent work for shifting chronic pain patterns and healing old injuries. I also offer Somassage and Integrative Massage Therapy for those looking for something more closely resembling typical massage therapy and for those seeking relaxation & stress relief. My work is slow, deep and meditative, with the intention of helping to ease your body/mind/spirit into deeper harmony and balance.

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Jason Jones, LMT, Soma Practitioner, Personal Trainer

Soma Structural Integration

Jason practices Soma Structural Integration Bodywork. He has an extensive background as a Personal Trainer, Yoga Teacher, Martial Artist, Firefighter/Search & Rescue, Mountain Athlete & papa to two active, amazing kidos.

Jason has a passion for helping people feel and perform their best in whatever drives vitality in their life. When movement or pain patterns persist, it can be difficult to engage with the things you love to do. Allow Jason to take you through the Soma 11 session series and reconnect to your sense of wellness. Jason is also skilled at providing personal training in person, or personal training programs for those with specific goals in mind (run an ultra-marathon, lift heavy weight, enhance mobility & movement) 

With a compassionate, healing presence and touch, Jason is a safe space for structural realignment and movement wisdom.


Jenna Anderson, LMT, A.S. providing CranioSacral Therapy

LMT, A.S. providing CranioSacral Therapy &TRE®

Jenna first became interested in alternative healing and preventative health while working as a EMT & Paramedic, and concurrently completed massage training in California in 1996, and later a degree for "Massage Practitioner."  Jenna first discovered CranioSacral Therapy (CST) in the early 2000s and incorporated CST into her treatments while working as a massage therapist, and now focuses her sessions on CST.  Jenna has completed classes through the Advanced level at the Upledger Institute, and has also been a teaching assistant for UI.  Specialized training in CST  includes support for Chronic Depletion/Complex Cases, CST for Pediatrics, SomatoEmotional Release, and studies on CST and the Immune System, including focused study on the Pelvis, Abdomen, Thorax, and Extremities, both levels of the "Brain Speaks" series to support neurological conditions, increasing and improving brain detoxing, circulation and decreasing inflammation. Jenna's training for Lymphatic Drainage Therapy is through the Chickly Health Institute. Jenna enjoys using these modalities with her clients including; babies, children, teens, and adults. These non-invasive therapies are combined to access and release restrictions throughout the body, allowing well-ness, and activating the body's own, powerful, self-healing capacity. Jenna is a "Trauma Informed" bodyworker, and is a certified provider for TRE® (Tension and Trauma Release Exercises) by Dr. David Berceli.  
WA Lic #MA00023514 includes Specialized Endorsement for Intraoral Massage

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Shira Smason-Marcus, LMT

Massage Therapist, Thai Massage Practitioner

Shira has been practicing bodywork since 2014 when she received her license through the WCC program in Bellingham, WA. Her scope of work includes Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue, Lymphatic Drainage, Prenatal and Event/Sports Therapy. In 2015, she received training in Traditional Thai Massage in Chiang Mai, Thailand and incorporates these ancient techniques into her work as well. She combines various styles of bodywork with an intuitive understanding of the emotional and energetic body to present a multifaceted approach to health, meeting clients where they’re at and helping to guide individuals along their unique paths to optimal health.


Liliana Franz

Medical Qigong Practitioner
Shen Dao Medical Qigong, LLC

    Medical Qigong is one of the five primary branches of Chinese medicine.  Specifically, my practice is based in the concepts of Taoist Qigong, in which the physical, energetic and spiritual organization of the body are a direct reflection of the macro/micro systems of the universe. It is a healing modality that approaches illness and disease in terms of deficiency and excess and is understood through the alchemy of the five elements: water, wood, fire, metal, and earth. 

    The intention is to purge, tonify and regulate the organs and meridian channels in order to provide an internal environment that promotes healing and transformation.  A session might consist of table work, breath, sound, Dao Yin and Qigong exercises in order to provide tools for sustaining the progress of our work together. 

I have had an unintentional life long partnership with Chinese Medicine for my personal physical and spiritual illnesses. I graduated in 2009 from Fairhaven College in which I studied Fine Arts and Somatic Therapy.  I have utilized many different modalities within the field for my own healing and found that my devotion is in the art of Qigong and Breathwork.

If you are interested or have any questions about how this practice can help facilitate your healing please reach out to me at


Liam Bowler

KMI Structural Integration

I’m a father, poet, musician, author, former wilderness guide, and have been practicing bodywork since 2009. I specialize in helping people unwind chronic pain and stuck-ness, especially long-standing issues that feel like they’re never going to permanently change. (They can.) I’ve gone through several intensive trainings including therapeutic massage and KMI Structural Integration, have taught thousands of hours of yoga and anatomy, and was mentored in craniosacral therapy and visceral manipulation for three years. From what I can tell, arriving more deeply into our own embodied experience is one of the most important things many of us can do in this wild planet right now … so I’m blessed and honored to be able to do this work. Find my writings and podcast at