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How can we serve you now??

How we are serving you now!

Let me count the ways: 1) Get midwifery serves through Moonbelly Midwifery wisdom goddess Mary Burgess! No time like now to have your baby OUTSIDE of the hospital! 360-510-0188 2) Birth Doula services with Susanna Alongi. As a seasoned Doula, Susanna is equipt to support your evolving birth decisions as our world views continue to change. 360-510-4133 3) Treat Yo-Self to some amazing hand crafted facial care products from Melissa's Holistic Skin care! I LOVE her products- they are made with organic and locally sourced materials and will be sure to spice up your sweats & t-shirt days! Shoot her an emailor call 360-603-1527 to find out about her products 4) Discover Mindful Ergonomics with Hellerworker Nicole Jackson! If your home "office" is a coffee table or kitchen table, Nicole will work with you to reduce tension, stress and pain through alignment pro tips. 30 minute video consulation- $35. Email or call 360-262-4103 5) Engage in a Zoom private yoga class with seasoned yoga teacher & Advanced Soma Practitioner Elizabeth Ruff. One client says: "Since the Yoga Studios have had to shut their doors, I set up virtual private classes with Elizabeth and its been a saving grace during this strange time. She is able to beam all of that energy, technical knowledge and laugher she is known for right through her screen to you and provide a wonderful connecting yoga class that leaves you all full and loosened up. I'm so thankful to be able to continue a consistant practice with her even during social isolation." Packages are available. Email or Call 360-224-2330 6) "All of that Social Distancing gave me the most functional strength I have ever had!" Now, who wants to say that? Jason Jones, Fitness Coach and Yoga Teacher, can lead you through bodyweight or minimal equiptment workouts, or write a personalized fitness schedule for your unique goals. With almost 10 years of group and personal training, Jason leans into functional movment practices and also draw on the wisdom of his Soma Structural Integration Bodywork practice. Packages available! Email or call 360-224-3201 7) Emergency Needs: we have some bodywork practitioners that are willing to work with your specific injury or acute bodywork need. Practitioners are availabe to work on a case by case basis for people who are suffering. Some have closed their practices for the time being, and some will work on an emergency basis. Give us a call/text if you have a car accident, fall down the stairs, or get injured in another way and we can help you out. Elizabeth Ruff: 360-224-2330 Susanna Alongi: 360-510-4133 Lindsay Worely: 360-218-4165 Nicole Jackson: 360-840-4604 Jason Jones: 360-224-3201 8) Head to our Facebook and Instagram pages to get inspiration, movement and stress reduction tips and love! We are so grateful for all of you. And we miss you a lot. A lot. More than you know. A lot. XOXO Elizabeth & Susanna

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