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Holiday Specials at Shanti Center!

Our Beloved Shira is offering a HOLIDAY SPECIAL on her 60min Integrative Massage. Book 3 massages, or buy a gift certificate for 3, and save $25! Get your holiday shopping out of the way, keep landfills clear and stuff stockings with self-care. Bodywork is ALWASY a gift-giving hit!

You can head HERE to see special offers at Shanti Center. Contact Shira DIRECTLY if for a gift certificate package. Shira combines various styles of bodywork with an intuitive understanding of the emotional and energetic body to present a multifaceted approach to health, meeting clients where they're at and helping to guide individuals along their unique paths to optimal health.

One of the modalities that Shira offers that I personally love is Thai Massage. This form of massage is done on a futon-like mat on the floor. You are brought into different stretches and massaged while in the stretch. It is amazing for people looking to increase flexibility, or to create safe range of motion within the joints. It is rhythmic and feels so soothing on the nervous system too. Maybe you get a Holiday special for your own bodywork needs as well! The sky is the limit.

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