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Helpful Resources for YOU!!

Hey gang, for years Susanna and I (Elizabeth!) have been getting questions like, "What can I do outside the bodyworks space to help myself?" or "Who should I see for _______?"

Well, we have brainstormed some answers for you here!

First off, depending on what is happening in your body, you might find some help here

This is my YouTube site and there are many free videos here on relieving sciatic pain, light yoga for neck/shoulder release, meditations and more.

If you are interested in practicing Physical Therapy Based Yoga with me, head to and see what options you have there.

Kelly Starett has some AMAZING tips for home body maintenance and can be trusted to steer you in the right direction.

People we LOVE local for Skin Care and know, more Spa like stuff are Karas Beauty Barn and Melissas Holistic Skin Care.

We recommend Bellingham Community Acupuncture for ease of service, and Bellingham Acupuncture and Wellness if you want deep TCM work. Stacey Goodbuffalo Keay at On Point is another great acupuncturist in town.

Amy Sothman will help you get your Traditional Chinese Herbs lined up.

Rebecca Schayes is fabulous for helping with women health care, helping balance hormones and all good things around the vagina.

Whatcom Physical Therapy- Paul Fitzgerald is great for Back Pain

Green Mountain Physical Therapy- Sarah is fabulous with rotator cuff and joint replacements, and athletes.

Erin Simpson is one of our favorite Chiropractors, and my personal results are very quick with her work. Mike Motel has Ascend Chiropractic and uses unique heat readings to determine where he will do adjustments. Chris Lockwood at Align Chiropractic does excellent work with athletes in a classical Chiropractor way.

I hope these resources are helpful!! We will post more again soon too.


Elizabeth & Susanna

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