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Business Partnership Program

Relax Your Body & your workspace!

We come to you!

Easy Booking

​"(The booking) couldn't have been easier.... just a few back-and-forth emails, a last-minute one-week postpone that easily accommodated and BAM! Massage day!​"- Brandon Nelson Partners

Simply click below to send an email to Elizabeth with an inquiry! Bookings are made for Monday, Tuesday or Wednesdays from 11am-1pm. $95 per hour. Multiple therapists are available. 


On Site Chair Massage

Quick & easy set up

Is the set up process for the therapist simple and minimally distracting to the workplace?

"​Totally. We just put her in our conference room so everyone could have some privacy. It was awesome."- Brandon Nelson Partners

Studies show that productivity and happiness increase after massage!

Screen Shot 2020-02-24 at 4.34.51 PM.png

Love your community

Effective for workplace moral

Is there an increased sense of relaxation, community, or productivity?

​"All of the above. We've done this twice now and both times was very bonding and relaxing for the team as a whole as well as for the agents. And it was nice that they all reached out to me to say an extra Thanks!​ I would definitely do it again in the future!"- Brandon Nelson Partners

Consider quarterly massages, or booking one to celebrate a holiday, birthday or big success!

Image by Shridhar Gupta
Business Massage & Yoga: Facilities
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